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Workshop Week: 09. – 13. Oktober

Kreire dein Wochenprogramm mit Silks, Ropes und vielem mehr!

Dauer: 5 Tage
Alter: Ab 16 Jahren
Level: Für alle Levels

Vergangene Daten:

  • 09. Oktober 11:00
Workshop Week: 09. – 13. Oktober 2023

Du willst deinen Luftakrobatik-Skills einen echten Boost geben? Oder möchtest du auch andere Disziplinen wie Jonglage oder Tanzakro intensiv trainieren und so schnelle Fortschritte machen? Nutze die Chance, mit hervorragenden Zirkusartisten:innen eine Woche lang intensiv zu arbeiten. Alle Kurse sind einzeln buchbar und frei kombinierbar.

Die Workshops werden auf Englisch abgehalten. Es gibt jemanden, der (Schweizer-) Deutsch spricht und bei Bedarf übersetzen kann, aber du musst zumindest grundlegende Englischkenntnisse haben, um dem Unterricht folgen zu können.

Möchtest du nur einzelne Module buchen, melde dich per Mail bei uns.

Workshop Week with Framing Effekt

Framing Effekt is a contemporary circus company of students graduated from ACAPA, a circus bachelor in the Netherlands. They work together mixing tools from various disciplines to create unique and innovative material.

Who can Participate:

The workshops are intended for practitioners of any circus discipline or those who have a body who can respond to the physical characteristics of the movement training (body awareness, physical condition and responsibility with the teaching-learning process).
Although the information can be better used when you already have some experiences, the level is not exclusive, the idea is to work the concepts and techniques from the base and to learn the methods we as a company use to create and develop content.
The workshop week schedule invites people from taking single lessons to experience the full immersion of one week of work with us. The practitioners can therefore organize their own schedule inside the workshop week, taking in consideration their times and desires.

The classes last 1.5h and we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before the class to take time to warm up your body with your own needs.

09:45 – 11:15  Full body preparationFull body preparationFull body preparation Full body preparation
11:30 – 13:00 Rope & SilksRope & SilksAerial FoundationsFraming Effekt PracticeFraming Effekt Practice
13:00 – 14:30 LunchLunchLunchLunchLunch
14:30 – 16:00DanceAerial ResearchDanceAerial ResearchDance
16:15 – 17:45Acrobatic MovementObject manipulationAcrobatic MovementObject manipulationAcrobatic Movement

Aerial Technique (Rope – Silks):

The objective is to optimize the technical language through the awareness of our center, and its positioning in the space. Among the different techniques to work on, the strength of the core will be emphasized as an enhancer of the swings/beats, the correct execution of suspensions, twisting techniques and the correct positioning of the body in different supports, balances and movements.
After the technical work, we will seek to apply what we have learned in a work of „dynamically correct“ sequences (that is, the movement does not stop but flows and is a consequence of the previous one, it is not born for its own sake) within these we will also include the development of the tricks. We will work with rope and silks, we will apply conditioning.

Dance workshop: “Encountering bodies”

The workshop offers different playful tools inspired by different practices such as aerial rope and body/space awareness, martial arts and partnering.
At the beginning of the session we will get to know our body through the relation we have with ourselves, the others and the space around us.
Through games in pairs where we can activate our senses and the inner playful child inside us. We will explore different ways of supporting others and let go of our own support. We will go back to us, our center and our breath, finishing the session with a relaxed mind and body, energized but calm.

Acrobatic Movement:
In this course we will learn easy acrobatic skills which you can then implement in every situation. If you dance, if you want to just cross the stage, if you want to do a little floor sequence before going to your apparatus or if you just want to have fun jumping around. This class is rather technical, we will work on different skills and analyze the body movements to understand and strengthen your awareness in the air/space. All levels are welcome!

Full body preparation:
This class is intended as a good warm up to start a day full of training. But the training also fits as general/basic daily training you can do every day to move a little.  Its a work out/taking care of your body practice.
In this 90mins we will start gently with scanning the body, waking up your senses and training our body awaerness. Then we will move on to do more physical exercises to strengthen our muscles and core and finishing it off with a gentle stretching session

Aerial research:

The workshop consists in combining movements and creative tools within the practice of aerial disciplines.
We will search together sequences on the apparatus and ways to go from a technical element to another one using improvisations and movement tasks to enlarge our vocabulary in the air.

Object Manipulation:

Object manipulation is the Name for all sorts of juggling. Object manipulation is a very handy tool to provoke creativity. Since you manipulate an object and not your body, you can take a higher risk because there is barely any danger of getting injured. In this course we will get to know different concepts with which you can play around. The concepts used are then easily adaptable to every other discipline. So the goal of this course is to trigger creativity and play around without any danger of getting injured.
If you are already a juggler, diabolist or any kind of object manipulator we can also work on technical skills. This class is open for all levels. If you never even touched a juggling ball even better, you will discover how much is possible without even being able to juggle!

Aerial Foundation:

The class makes a panning through the foundations of the aerial technique, from the basics of how to hang biomechanically correct to the analysis of key movements in the air which are common to all aerial disciplines. The class is intended for beginners, but advanced people can profit from it as well.

Framing Effekt research:
The idea of this class is to get into the Framing Effekt practice which consists of working in a group with a single rope. How to support others to make them jump, slide or even fly in the air, using the weight of the others and the rope. The approach is about using the rope as a tool to put the bodies in motion, into the space and the air. Discovering the different playful tools of interconnection.
We will also work with the idea of manipulating the rope and using it as a juggling prop. What is possible to do with a rope without climbing it?

We will approach this workshop using following tools:

Counterbalances: Understanding the tension of the rope with the bodies and how this can bring     you in a motion.

– Loops: using the rope as an object to manipulate. Creating loops that we can throw to each other.

– Chain reactions: How a single movement can affect the others around you. Staying true to the impulses you get from others and being aware of the impulses you give. It’s about listening to the people around you.