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The human(e) factor

A playful circus performance about (a) building collaboration

Dauer: ca. 30 Minuten
Alter: Ab 5 Jahren

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  • 10. Dezember 11:45
The human(e) factor

The quirky circus quartet HotLines brings together Chinese Pole, Tight Wire, Aerial Rope and Acrobatics. Together, they excitedly build a new structure of their circus apparatuses, which they then exploratively proof test. Playing outside of the lines of their initial plan, they find out they rather rely on each other, their feminine sensibility and intuitive creativity.

This piece is a collaboration between 4 female circus artists, all bringing a different expertise to the table: tight wire, Chinese pole, aerial rope and dance-acrobatics. All disciplines are – literally – taken apart and mingled together, and go through everyone’s hands. Together, we excitedly build a new structure of our circus apparatuses on stage, which we will of course also proof test and explore further. Curious as we are, we constantly look for challenges and possibilities that have a need for the helping hands and minds of the other (and perhaps even our audience)!
An instructive blue-print on paper holds the directions to building the circus-scenography of our stage. But perhaps the plan isn’t all there is to a collaboration? Whilst building, we try out both the structures and each other, questioning the rigidity of technique: shouldn’t we care more about the human(e) factor? Highlight personal strengths, we invite everyone to dare to both build and deconstruct again, trusts your intuition, and work as much as play!

Hot Lines

HotLines is a quirky circus collective, currently running on their starting gears in the circus field: freshly graduated in Tilburg, The Netherlands, they joined forces with roots in Switzerland (Anna Kapp), France (Zéphyrine Charrier) the Netherlands (Rhea Slootweg) and the UK (Dana Rimdjonoka). They are four making and performing artists working and playing together in their first shared creation. Themes that brought them together as a collective are; female sensibility, the human(e) factor within technique, and a nerdy curiosity towards our own and each other’s circus disciplines including the architecture they can form in space. We want to highlight a (female) role-model that dares to both build and deconstruct again, trusts thorough planning as much as intuition, and works as much as plays.


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