Welcome at Zirkusquartier Zürich

Zirkusquartier is the centre for contemporary circus in Zurich. The training space/theatre of Zirkusquartier is available for residencies, performances and workshops.


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Zirkusquartier Open Stage

Dates 2021/22

Put exchange on your agenda.

Fr–So 2.–4.7.2021
Host: Sina
Mi 15.7.2021
production café
Host: Sebastian
Do 13.1.2022
production café
Host: Sebastian


This is our platform for circus artists to meet, share, explore, teach each other, train together and more. It takes place every couple of weeks.

Bring your ideas spontaneously or contact us and sign up for the PRO newsletter on top of this page to hear about the next dates of circ-exchange.

production café

Our door is open for your questions regarding the production of your projects: How to plan, how to write dossiers and how to finance?

We would like to share our experiences of many different productions with you! Maybe there's a possibility to start right away at Zirkusquartier with a research residency or by finding other artists? Join us with your ideas, your laptop or your budgets. Let's think together and have a coffee – it's for free.



If you're a local artist or just passing through Zurich, come and train at Zirkusquartier! It's the place to be. :)

For only 5 CHF you join others at the weekly «open training». For use during daytime check availabilities and have a look at the rental prices below.

training space rental
In winter: add 5 CHF/hour for heating costs.
non-exclusive use 5 CHF/hour
exclusive reservation 15 CHF/hour
100 CHF/day
250 CHF/weekend


The circus space at Zirkusquartier is available for your residency.

The space is available daily until 4pm during school periods. During school holidays (in Zurich), the space is available 24h - perfect for your last rehearsals and premiere.

Be aware that during school periods you have to dismount/stash away any props/aparatus/big scenography every day after rehearsing.


For solo artists and compagnies up to five people we are able to offer (per trimester):

  • 1 research residency of 1 week
  • 1 research residency of 3 weeks
  • 1 co-production of up to 6 weeks (except April–May)

Deadline call for entries (shows, residencies, workshops)

We always like to combine your residency with a workshop or a showing – but it's not a must. Travel costs and food at your expense. We can provide accomodation with a kitchen (7 chf per person a night).

call for entries
deadline trimester
December 31st May–August
April 30th September–December
August 31st January-April


This space is a theatre too. :)

At least once a month we host a show (circus/dance/theatre). If you're interested in playing for an open-minded Zurich crowd, send your material to Sebastian. We finalize the programmation about four months ahead (see dates above).

Space rental

Of course you can also rent the theatre to present your work. If you're interested in special events or have a crazy idea, just get in touch.

Zirkusquartier Zürich Professionals – circ-exchange


Share your knowledge!

If you would like to share your wisdom with the motivated Swiss crowd, come teach a workshop at Zirkusquartier! For entry deadlines see «residencies» above. Spontaneous sessions possible according to the space availability.


You decide on the content, the format, the level(s), min./max. participants you want to teach at once. Price to be arranged with Zirkusquartier. You take 70% of the total revenue. We take 30% and in return offer you the space, publish your idea on the print flyer, the ZQ-website, Facebook and will handle the sign ups.


Compagnia Baccala at Zirkusquartier 2016

Technical description

Zirkusquartier offers its theatre for up to 120 persons plus a nice outdoor space for your street show or chapiteau.

There's an indoor and outdoor bar which is run by Zirkusquartier during shows, festivals and special events.

For more specific details please get in touch with us.


  • Stage dimensions
    8.3m x 9.65m x 6.3m (width x depth x height)
    rigging possibilities at 5.4m and 6.1m
    No alleys behind the curtains on the sides, one entry from backstage onto the stage from the backside on the left.
  • Stage nature
    Wooden rectangle, covered with light grey dance floor (black floor on demand). As it is a floor for point shoes, it is slightly soft (a bit sticky/slow for cyr wheel etc.)
  • PA/lights
    There is a simple PA system and basic light equipment ready for use. For special effects or specific needs, talk to us.
  • Audience
    frontal bench terrace for an audience of up to 120 persons.
  • Accessibility
    The theatre has huge doors with a height of 4m which make it easy to access with big stage settings. The room as well as the outdoor space and bar are wheelchair accessible. The indoor bar is not.

Outdoor space

A 24m x 30m open air area is available from June to September. Gravel, mostly flat, with nice cherry trees on the edges.

Cie Gonzo at Zirkusquartier 2014

More circus spaces in Switzerland

If Zirkusquartier is booked or doesn't fulfill your needs, visit our friends!

For more informations it's always a good start to have a look at the Website of ProCirque (the Swiss association of circus professionals).

You want to be part on this map? Let us know!


Zirkusquartier Open Stage